Colvin CPA uses Xero accounting software exclusively. That’s right, exclusively. The only reason we ever open any other accounting software is to convert a client’s accounts to Xero. We are often asked how we decided to be so devoted to Xero and the answer is simple. We chose Xero for your convenience and your enjoyment.

As an owner, you will need to be in the software too. So we chose the one that makes your life easier. You will be in the software to look at dashboards, KPI’s, statements and reports and to answer questions on specific transactions as they come up. The Xero software always belongs to your agency (not to Colvin CPA).  

Most accounting software is comparable regarding what tasks it does for you. The variant is how easily you can use the software.We are accountants so we have all day, everyday to get comfy with software; but, you are busy running an agency and don’t want to invest hours to understand your software. Therefore, we put your needs above everything else. We have experience in many different softwares and our expert opinion is that you will like using Xero better than any of the others. 

Xero is made for you 

Xero is user-friendly and very intuitive for non-accountants to use. That means, it is the software that was made FOR YOU (the agency owner) and not for me (the accountant). Xero does not use accountant’s jargon, it uses your words. For example, Xero calls accounts payable what they truly are… bills. 

Xero is beautiful

The tagline that Xero selected is “Beautiful accounting software” and they have truly lived up to it. The design of Xero’s software is clean, simple and pleasant. It makes a world of difference when you actually want to look in your accounting software. 

Xero is simple to use and it can handle the tough stuff

Don’t get confused in thinking that simple input creates simple output. Xero has solutions for complex accounting needs in your agency. Xero delivers high value reporting, customization, integration, automation and more. Here are some of our most commonly used tools in Xero.

Tool 1: Dashboard helps you track your agency finances at a glance

Xero will customize your dashboard to show the information you care about and you can easily drill into the details to see more about cash flow, bank balances, expense tracking, bills to be paid, invoices to be collected and KPI’s.

Tool 2: Discuss tabs let us chat about specific transactions

Communication with bookkeepers is simplified because we can discuss specific transactions in Xero where the data is visible to everyone involved.


Tool 3: Rules allow automation that saves you money because it saves our time

We create and monitor rules in Xero that will auto-magically reconcile your recurring transactions. This saves on bookkeeping time and allows you to spend less money on bookkeeping services.

Tool 4: Files give quick access to your documents

This filing cabinet within Xero allows both your team and ours to quickly and easily find documents such as bank statements, reconciliations, loan agreements, amortization schedules, fixed asset receipts and more.

You can also use this filing cabinet to email documents to a Xero Files inbox and then attach them to transactions. Easy peasy!

Tool 5: Expense claims make collecting and approving receipts efficient and painless

Xero Expense Claims has a mobile app that lets your team quickly snap photos of receipts and submit them for approval. The process is so friendly that it can all be managed right from your phone. 

Tool 6: Projects keep you informed about project status and profitability

Using Xero Projects means that you get to see reports about task completion, expenses incurred, amounts invoiced, budget estimates and deadlines. This gives you timely information about the projects to monitor and make changes as needed.

Stay tuned to learn more

The tools mentioned above are the most commonly used “game changers” for our clients and yet Xero offers a pile of other useful tools that we haven’t even mentioned yet. Stay tuned to learn about other tools that we have successfully used with Xero. Oh, and did we mention that when we bump into issues, Xero’s customer service has always been quick to respond and assist.

Other tools…

  • sales overview page
  • invoicing
  • quoting
  • secure portal
  • payment processing
  • contact management
  • check writing
  • time tracking
  • budgeting
  • multi-currency management. 

What else do you want to know? If you still have questions on this topic, feel free to email me at I may answer your question in my next blog.