About the firm

Colvin CPA is…

We are a cloud based CPA firm which means we can work with businesses that are located anywhere in the United States.

We are Xero Certified Practitioners. We specialize in Xero Accounting Software and use it exclusively. We believe that Xero meets accounting needs better than any other software available today and it is very user friendly for both you and us.

We develop an efficient, easy to manage accounting system for your business. The goal is to automate data entry as much as possible. This allows us to spend our time analyzing the data to help you manage your business goals.

We communicate with you primarily by email and video conferencing. Using today’s technologies, we can have face to face meetings and develop a trusting relationship without one of us having to get in a car.

We provide your business with secure document management systems to store and transfer information.

We do not bill by the hour. We will agree on a fixed monthly price for your accounting services. This eliminates surprises and helps you budget your accounting services.

Hillary Colvin, CPA

Hillary Colvin
Hillary ColvinI've spent my lifetime becoming me.

Bryan Colvin, CPA

Bryan Colvin
Bryan ColvinI've always been this way.

About Hillary

When at work…

  • I am a Certified Public Accountant. I have worked as a professional accountant since 2009.
  • For about 4 years, I worked as the finance manager of NC Outward Bound School. My focus was month-end and year-end tasks, audit and tax compliance and maintaining the systems that track the daily revenues and expenses. I dressed in sandals and hiking pants and had a lot of dog co-workers.
  • For about 3 years, I worked as an auditor for Johnson, Price & Sprinkle. My focus was on family owned manufacturing businesses and non-profit organizations. I dressed in high heels and suits (I donated them all away).
  • In college, I worked as a bookkeeper for a law firm and a construction company. Both of them were in historic buildings; so, I learned how to do data entry while wearing gloves.
  • My first career was as a dog groomer where I realized my love for accounting when I wrote a business plan for the shop that I thought I was going to open. I dressed in dog hair covered everything.

When not at work…

  • My favorite memories are also my most stinky moments.
  • I hiked the first 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail. I left the trail to see about a boy that I had met the year before on a 700 mile canoe trip. We are married now.
  • I endured a week of winter camping and snowshoeing in Maine when I was a teenager. Since then, I have not slept in a hole dug into snow or forced icy boots onto my feet at sunrise.
  • For the 2017 New Year, I was on anchor watch of a 30 foot Pulling Boat in the Florida Keys. It was a 7 day Outward Bound course to learn how to sail.

About Bryan

When at work…

  • I have been a Certified Public Accountant since August 2013.
  • I have over twenty years’ experience in business management.
  • I am a member of the North Carolina Association of CPA’s.
  • My first career was in the restaurant industry where I was a chef, owner, general manager and server (and in that order too).
  • I work with excited entrepreneurs about how to reach their exciting business goals.
  • I worked in public accounting firms for over three years before throwing away all of my ties.
  • See my Link-ed in page for more about me, me ,me.

When not at work…

  • I love to be outdoors.
  • I hiked the 2,100 mile Appalachian Trail (yep, all of it) in 1997.
  • I mountain bike; the kind where you could have a drink on your handle bars (no flips, not even close).
  • I built my own mahogany kayak, actually did that twice, a single and a double.
  • I was an apprentice to a French chef in a castle in Ireland.
  • My wife and I met on a canoe trip from New York to Maine, an amazing first date!
  • I once owned a VW van and travelled across the country in it (I am now allergic to all future vehicle maintenance tasks).
  • I love to cook curry and can whip up some very tasty hummus.
  • One of my favorite vacations was building dulcimers with my father at a folk school.
  • I have lived in Asheville North Carolina since 1999.