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Easy tax filing services for creative businesses.

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Our top priority is delightful communication with you.

We work with course creators, authors, keynote speakers, trainers, workshop leaders, coaches and consultants. We are experts in these industries and understand the unique challenges that innovative visionaries tackle.

Choosing Colvin CPA means having a dedicated advocate on your journey to successfully sell your expertise. Go ahead, pursue your most audacious passion; we’re here to help.

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Take the worry out of filing taxes

OUR MISSION IS CLEAR: to simplify life for creators like you. We’re committed to turning the hassle of dealing with numbers into a breeze. Why? Because we believe in balance.

When tax filing worries bog you down, it’s tough to enjoy your business, let alone life itself. And balance is key.

Restore your balance and rekindle the creative joy that you felt when you started your business. We are experts and we are here to help! You’ll get unlimited access to our dedicated team as we guide you through efficient processes. Ready for a better way?


Our clients like us as much as we like them!

  • Jeff Gothelf Testimonial

Our clients like us as much as we like them!

  • Jeff Gothelf Testimonial