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How do Marketing Steps Mirror Accounting Steps?

As the owner of a creative agency, you are familiar with the path that you walk with your clients. As your client grows, you guide them along and explain each step along the way. Well, I have great news, your familiarity with that path is about to help you understand accounting services. This chart shows [...]

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Can I do my own accounting?

One of the smartest questions that I hear from the owner’s of small creative agencies is “can I do my own accounting”. I love hearing this question because it means that you are running your agency with intention and you are aware that your largest expense is paying people. I understand how the thought of [...]

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How to find a dreamy accountant?

How many decisions have you made in the past month? As the owner of a creative agency, you likely make decisions all day, every day. Which contractor to hire for production? Where to prioritize your market research? What can you pay for holiday bonuses? You must be exhausted! Do you even have energy leftover to [...]

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