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How do Marketing Steps Mirror Accounting Steps?

As the owner of a creative agency, you are familiar with the path that you walk with your clients. As your client grows, you guide them along and explain each step along the way. Well, I have great news, your familiarity with that path is about to help you understand accounting services. This chart shows [...]

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Can I do my own accounting?

One of the smartest questions that I hear from the owner’s of small creative agencies is “can I do my own accounting”. I love hearing this question because it means that you are running your agency with intention and you are aware that your largest expense is paying people. I understand how the thought of [...]

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How to find a dreamy accountant?

Small business owners have ninja level decision making skills. How many decisions do you think you made last month?  You found a contractor to help you deliver a project. You hired an administrative assistant. You determined year-end bonuses for your team. You found a speaking coach. You planned your cash flow needs for the next [...]

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