We are a growing firm.

  • Accountants for strategically creative entrepreneurs
  • Committed to delightful and reliable communications
  • Embracing technology and automation
  • 100% virtual and paperless since 2015
  • Owned and operated by a husband and wife team (Bryan and Hillary)
  • Committed to work/life balance for all
  • Services include coaching, analyzing, reporting, tax compliance and bookkeeping
Would you rather be an accountant or a dragon?  You don’t need to decide, we want you to be both! Don’t worry, none of us can actually breathe fire. We just use d.r.a.g.o.n. as an acronym for the characteristics that we value most. 

D.  delightful (respectfully kind, with a positive outlook, creates fun)

R.  responsive (communicates clearly and honestly, actively listening, participating and asking questions)

A.  adaptable (because, change is the only constant… especially in technology)

G.  goal oriented (focuses on intentional growth and enjoys learning new things)

O.  organized (reduces confusion and pays attention to details)

N.  number oriented (uses numbers to inform decisions)

The following traits will set you up for success with Colvin CPA.

  1. Clear communication skills. You are eager to help small businesses understand their finances. You are generous, patient, passionate and glad to share your knowledge. You can speak jargon; but, prefer not to.
  2. Proficient technology skills. You confidently manage hardware, software and integrations. You understand security risks and commit to minimizing them.
  3. Self motivated skills. You are happy to work from home and can perform with professional focus even while wearing sweatpants. 
All of our work is done in a virtual environment and with Cloud based technologies. You can expect to use the following software tools regularly.

  • Xero 
  • Hubdoc
  • Gusto
  • Zoom
  • G Suite
  • Karbon
  • GoProposal
  • ProConnect

What are the benefits you can expect as an employee here?

EEducation – Committed to lifelong learning and developing skills that support our clients needs. 

XXero – Training to use Xero software and many integrations.

PPolicies – We use documented policies to guide small and big decisions. 

EEnvironment – Creating and protecting a fulfilling work/life balance by setting clear boundaries and encouraging goals inside and outside of the office. 

CClient Relationships – Connecting with clients and knowing the people you are helping.

TTeam Relationships – Connecting with colleagues and being a vital member of a supportive team.

Job Description for Part Time Staff Accountant

20-25 hours per week doing accounting, tax and administrative tasks for a small firm

Requires a minimum of 2 years experience and an associates degree in accounting

  • Are you looking for a 100% virtual work environment?
    • Requires great writing skills and a delightful tone because you will compose a lot of emails to small business owners. 
    • Requires checking email at least 1x per business day because we guarantee to respond to clients and colleagues within 24 hours. 
    • Requires that you participate in video conferences because it is how we hold meetings.
    • Requires you to be committed to reducing the security risks of a virtual workplace.
  • Do you prefer to  work from home? 
    • Must be self-motivated to arrive at work with professional focus.
    • Must have a reasonably private and quiet spot to work.
    • Must have a secure, high-speed internet connection and smartphone.
    • Must have proficiency to maintain your own computer equipment.
  • Are you eager to embrace accounting technology?
    • Expect to set up and maintain integrations of cloud based softwares such as Xero, Hubdoc, Gusto, Zoom, G Suite, Karbon, GoProposal and ProConnect.
    • Expect to automate accounting tasks whenever possible, reconciling transactions, running payrolls, drafting bills and invoices, collecting tax documents, filing compliance reports, etc.
    • Expect to apply your knowledge of GAAP and tax laws as it pertains to accounting for meals, travel, gifts, loans, fixed assets, depreciation, accrual and cash basis reporting, etc.

It is our policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability or other protected classifications.

Upload your resume in pdf format. 

Be sure it includes 3-4 professional references. Click here to upload your resume in PDF format

Candidates will be invited to the next step of the hiring process based on evaluation of their prior step.

There are 8 steps in total.

Step 1: Submit a Resume – By submitting your resume, you show us your ability to organize information so that it is clear and pleasant to read. This step is important because specific education and experience is required.

Step 2: Icebreaker Questionnaire – By answering a simple and playful questionnaire, you can show us a sample of your personal communication skills and we can begin to learn about each other. This step is important because Colvin CPA guarantees delightful and reliable communication to clients and colleagues.

Step 3: Send a Video Introducing Yourself – By sending us a short 3 minute video introducing yourself, you show us some of your technology skills and provide another glimpse at how you connect in a 100% virtual work environment. This step is important because recorded videos is a common communication method used in the firm.

Step 4: You Interview the Owners –  By asking you to interview us before we interview you, shows us the questions you are most concerned about in your employment decision. You will lead a 30 minute video conference with the firm’s owners (Bryan and Hillary). This step is important because we know that you have many options for employment and we want to help you determine whether or not we match your long-term career goals.

Step 5: Skill Assessment – By asking you to answer an email with 3 sample questions that you are likely to encounter in your role here, we are able to evaluate your knowledge level and your writing skills. This step is important because email is the most common communication method used at our firm.

Step 6: Background Check – By contacting your professional references and performing both a background check and a credit check, we are able to confirm that the information you provided to us is accurate and you do not have a criminal record. This step is important to the firm and our clients because of the information shared.

Step 7: The Owners Interview You – In interviewing you, our main goals are to clarify intentions, address concerns, establish boundaries, and create big dreams. The 30 minute video conference is intentionally structured to achieve “radical alignment”, a tool we learned from this book.

Step 8: Meet In Person – By meeting in person, in a casual environment, we are all able to learn about each other outside of the work environment.  Typically, we meet at a restaurant for a meal and talk about anything except for work. This step is important because we value a healthy work/life balance.