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Our Culture who we are.

We are always looking for exceptional accountants to join our team. We value innovation, collaboration, and a genuine dedication to serving our clients. If you’re ready to make a real impact in someone’s life and you want to work 100% remotely in a dynamic and flexible environment, please explore our career opportunities. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Values what we believe.

At Colvin CPA, our values steer our actions. We’re dedicated to upholding integrity, transparency, and professionalism. In our tight-knit team, trust, respect, and open communication prevail. We’re eager learners, always adapting and innovating to serve our clients best. While we’re all about getting the job done, we’re also big on embracing life’s fun side and finding joy in the journey. If you’re ready to join a culture that celebrates your uniqueness and fuels your growth, welcome to Colvin CPA.


Respectful, kind, positive outlook, creates fun


Communicate clearly and honestly, listens intently, participates actively, asks questions.


because, change is the only constant…


intentional, motivated, committed


methodical, careful, reduces confusion, pays attention to details

Number Hungry

numbers inform decisions, show patterns, reduce bias, calculate risks and correlations

Path to Success the must-have skills.

  • Clear communicator: You are eager to help small business owners to understand their numbers. You are generous, patient, passionate and glad to share your knowledge. You can speak jargon; but, prefer not to.

  • Proficient with technology: You understand online security risks and commit to minimizing them. You confidently manage hardware, software and integrations.

  • Self motivated: You are happy to work from home and can perform your work with professional focus even while wearing sweatpants.

  • A juggler: You thrive when you have a variety of tasks to do for multiple different businesses. A typical day will be running payroll for one business, reconciling transactions for another business, preparing invoices for another business, filing taxes for another business, etc. You can compartmentalize each business’s facts and processes and gladly shift gears or change hats throughout the day.

Benefits our advantages.

  • Education – Committed to lifelong learning and developing skills that support the clients needs.
  • Xero – Training to use Xero software and many integrations.

  • Policies – We use documented policies to guide small and big decisions. Our policies include:

    Paid Time Off

    Bi-Monthly Payroll

    401-K match (up to 6%)

  • Environment – Creating and protecting a fulfilling work/life balance by setting clear boundaries and encouraging goals both inside and outside of the office.

  • Client Relationships – Connecting with clients and knowing the people you are helping.

  • Team Relationships – Connecting with colleagues and being a vital member of a supportive team.

Interviews Our 7-step process

  • Step 1: Submit a Resume – By submitting your resume, you show us your ability to organize written information so that it is clear and pleasant to read. This step is important because accounting knowledge and experience is needed to perform this job.

  • Step 2: Icebreaker Questionnaire – After reviewing your resume, we may invite you to submit a playful questionnaire that shows us your ability to ignite connection in short written responses. The questionnaire also invites you to ask us questions. If you don’t have a single question for us then you are not seriously applying for our job. Instead, we assume you are just looking for any job. Our ideal candidate is making sure that this job will meet their needs and maybe even their dreams.

  • Send a Video Introducing Yourself – After reviewing your questionnaire, we may invite you to send a short 3-minute video introducing yourself to show us your technology skills and provide a glimpse of how you connect in a 100% virtual work environment. This step is important because recorded video is a common communication method used in the firm.

  • Step 4: You Interview the Owners –  After reviewing your video, we may invite you to interview us before we interview you because it shows us the questions you are most concerned about in your employment decision. You will lead a 30-minute video conference with the firm’s owners (Bryan and Hillary). This step is important because we know that you have many options for employment and we want to help you determine whether or not we match your long-term career goals.

  • Step 5: Skill Assessment – After considering your first interview, we may ask you to answer an email with 3 sample questions that you are likely to encounter in your role here, so we can evaluate your knowledge level and your writing skills. This step is important because email is the most common communication method used at our firm.

  • Step 6: The Owners Interview You – After considering your skill assessment, we may interview you. Our main goals are to clarify intentions, address concerns, establish boundaries, and create big dreams. The 30-minute video conference is intentionally structured to achieve “radical alignment”, a tool we learned from this book.

  •  Step 7: Background Check – After we interview you, we contact your professional references and perform a background and credit check to confirm that the information you provided to us is accurate. This step is important to the firm and our clients because of the information shared.

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