We are a growing firm.

  • Accounting for strategically creative entrepreneurs
  • Prioritizing delightful communication with experts since 2015
  • Embracing technology and automation
  • Services include reporting, consulting, analyzing, tax filing, bookkeeping
  • Owned and operated by a husband and wife team (Bryan and Hillary)
  • 100% virtual and paperless
  • Invested in firm management systems for clear internal communications
  • Committed to work/life balance for all employees
We are dedicated to high quality relationships between clients and their accountants. Unfortunately, there are more people in the world who believe that dragons exist than there are people that believe in their accountant. We aim to change that by merging the two and creating accountants that are dragons. That’s right, dragons aren’t just for myths and fairytales anymore.  No, we haven’t lost our minds and none of us can actually breathe fire. We just use dragon as an acronym that defines the qualities that we strive to deliver in the client and accountant relationship. So, in other words… we are dragons seeking dragons. 

D   delightful   – respectful, fun, trustworthy, positive and interesting

R   responsive – clear communication, active participation, timely

A   adaptable – change is viewed as a tool for progress

G   goal oriented – a life-long learner, a focused direction, optimistic about the future

O   organized – values easy access to information and efficient, reliable processes

N   number hunger – numbers are the facts that feed the decision process

The following traits will set you up for success with Colvin CPA.

  1. Clear communication skills. You are eager to listen and to help small business owners understand their businesses finances. You are patient, passionate and generous and glad to share your knowledge. You can speak jargon but prefer not to.
  2. Proficient technology skills. You are able to confidently manage equipment, software and integrations. You understand security risks and commit to minimizing them.
  3. Self motivated skills. You are happy to work from home. Can perform with professional focus even while wearing sweatpants. 
  4. 2+ years of accounting education and experience.
All of our work is done in a virtual environment and with Cloud based technologies. You can expect to use the following software tools daily.

  • Xero 
  • Hubdoc
  • Gusto
  • G Suite
  • Karbon
  • GoProposal
The firm values employees that provide delightful and focused attention to meet the clients needs. In return, we prioritize our employees. We focus our resources on providing a work environment that is joyful, fulfilling and balanced.

  • Flexible hours
  • Work life balance
  • Ongoing employee development
  • Home office expense reimbursement
Part time staff accountant:

  • 20-30 hours per week
  • Flexible schedule
  • 100% virtual and paperless
  • Direct and delightful communication with clients by email and video
  • Technical acuity to use software that enables automation and efficiency
  • Reconciling, invoicing, payables, payroll, asset tracking, manual journal entries ++
  • Requires knowledge of GAAP and tax law to apply while performing bookkeeping services. For examples, separation of meals, loan amortization, asset depreciation, accrual vs cash basis ++
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