We are a growing firm.

  • Accountants for strategically creative entrepreneurs
  • Committed to delightful and reliable communications
  • Embracing technology and automation
  • 100% virtual and paperless since 2015
  • Owned and operated by a husband and wife team (Bryan and Hillary)
  • Committed to work/life balance for all
  • Services include coaching, analyzing, reporting, tax compliance and bookkeeping
Unfortunately, it is more common for people to believe in dragons than it is for people to believe in their accountants. Therefore, we are dedicated to being dragons that also happen to be accountants. 

Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our minds and none of us can actually breathe fire. We just use d.r.a.g.o.n. as an acronym to define the quality characteristics that we bring to all relationships. 

D.  delightful (have a positive outlook, create fun and give respectful kindness)

R.  responsive (communicate clearly and honestly and do a lot of listening)

A.  adaptable (approach change calmly and ask great questions)

G.  goal oriented (intentional focus to accomplish and grow and learn new things)

O.  organized (reduce unnecessary confusion and pay attention to details)

N.  number nutrition (using numbers to nourish decisions and promote good health)

The following traits will set you up for success with Colvin CPA.

  1. Clear communication skills. You are eager to listen and to help small business owners understand their business finances. You are generous, patient, passionate and glad to share your knowledge. You can speak jargon; but, prefer not to.
  2. Proficient technology skills. You are able to confidently manage equipment, software and integrations. You understand security risks and commit to minimizing them.
  3. Self motivated skills. You are happy to work from home. Can perform with professional focus even while wearing sweatpants. 
All of our work is done in a virtual environment and with Cloud based technologies. You can expect to use the following software tools daily.

  • Xero 
  • Hubdoc
  • Gusto
  • G Suite
  • Karbon
  • GoProposal

What are the benefits you can expect as an employee here?

EEducation – Committed to lifelong learning and developing skills that support our clients. 

XXero – Training to use Xero software and an abundance of integrations.

PPolicies – Guiding all decisions from documented policies that intentionally focus on long term goals. 

EEnvironment – Creating and protecting a fulfilling work environment where we define boundaries and encourage you to make time for the important things in your personal lives. Living > working.

CClient Relationships – Connecting with clients and bringing delight to their work life.

TTeam Relationships – Connecting with colleagues and being a vital member of a supportive team.

There are currently no open positions.
Upload your resume. 

Please, be sure it includes 3-4 professional references. Click here to upload resume in PDF format

The 8 Step Interview Process at Colvin CPA.

Candidates will be invited to progress along the 8 steps based on managements review.

Step 1: Submit a Resume – Show us that you have the education and experience needed for the role. Also show us your ability to organize information so that it is clear and pleasant to read.

Step 2: Icebreaker Questionnaire – We guarantee delightful and reliable communication with clients. Answer a simple questionnaire so that we can see a sample of your personal communication skills and begin to learn about each other.

Step 3: Send a Video Introducing Yourself – Recorded videos is a common communication method used in the firm. This step indicates your technical skills and gives us another glimpse at your ability to connect through a virtual environment.

Step 4: You Interview the Owners – A 30 minute video conference where you are asked to interview the firm owners (Bryan and Hillary). This interview is intentionally backwards from traditional approaches because we prioritize your questions. We know that an ideal candidate has many options for employment and you are looking to meet your own needs. Let us answer your questions here so that you can decide if you want to pursue a long-term relationship with us.

Step 5: Skill Assessment – We will email you 3 sample questions that you are likely to encounter in your role here. We ask you to draft emailed responses to us. This allows us to evaluate your knowledge and your writing skills.

Step 6: Background Check – We will contact your professional references and perform a background check and a credit check.

Step 7: The Owners Interview You – A 30 minute video conference to clarify intentions, address any concerns, establish boundaries, and create big dreams. The goal is to have an intentionally structured conversation that honestly achieves Radical Alignment, a tool we learned from this book.

Step 8: We Thank You – This step is how we thank you for enduring our in-depth interview process. It is also where we hope to meet a significant person in your life. We know that you confided in them throughout this interview process and we’d like to thank them for supporting you through it too. Typically, we invite the two of you to enjoy a casual meal, a coffee or a drink. The goal is to understand a bit of each others lives beyond work. Remember… we believe that living > working.