Xero Is The Best Accounting Software

Colvin CPA uses Xero accounting software exclusively. We made the decision for the sake of our clients. Xero’s design is uncluttered and the UX focuses on the owner’s experience instead of the accountant’s experience. We want it to be easy for our clients to log into Xero to view reports, look at invoices owed from your clients, see which bills you need to pay, or look at a specific transaction and its receipt. It hardly takes any time for clients to get used to navigating their way in Xero accounting software.

Xero is beautiful! Their tagline is “Everything you need to run your business beautifully”. Their design is uncluttered. For example, there are no drop-down menus opening as you scroll across the screen. It’s important that you want to look in your accounting software because it has data that will make your business decisions more clear.

Xero is made for you! The software is designed for you, the business owner. The design is intuitive. They avoid accounting jargon. For example, your bills are called “bills” instead of “accounts payable”. It’s important that your accounting software speaks the same language as you..

Xero has simple solutions for complex accounting needs and delivers high-value reporting, customization, integration, automation and more. Here are the 5 Xero tools we use with all of our clients:

  1. The Xero “dashboard” tool helps you see your business finances at a glance. We customize a dashboard for you to see the data that you care about most. For example, bank balances, bills to pay, invoices owed to you, and key performance indicators (KPI’s). From the dashboard, you can also drill into details.
  2. The Xero “hubdoc” tool keeps electronic images of receipts at your fingertips. We file your receipts directly to hubdoc when you take pictures of them in the mobile app.
  3. The Xero “files” tool holds important documents where you can find them quickly. We organize folders for you to see your bank statements, reconciliation reports, asset purchase details, loan agreements, amortization schedules, etc.
  4. The Xero “discuss” tool lets you chat with your bookkeeper on a specific transaction. We type comments or questions directly on the transaction being discussed which streamlines communication and reduces confusion.
  5. The Xero “rules” tool creates reliability for automating recurring transactions. We create and monitor the rules so that Xero will auto-magically reconcile your recurring transactions with consistency.

The tools mentioned above are the most common “game changers” for our clients and yet Xero offers a pile of other useful tools that we haven’t even mentioned yet.

What else do you want to know? If you have more questions on this topic, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We may answer your question in our next blog.

Disclaimer – We have not included all possible scenarios. It is crucial that you consider more information than we have written here. Always discuss your specific situation with a professional accountant.

Image credit: Hillary Colvin

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